Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not Feeling It.

URG!! I am having the hardest time losing my baby weight. I have tried dieting, B12 shots, appetite supp, riding the exercise bike, going to the gym, doing P90X, and now I am running. I AM NOT losing any weight. IT SUCKS. I don't know what else to try. Someone said to try zantrex-3 and I am going to get that on thursday, it's supposed to give you an energy boost. We will see about that!! LOL.

I have days where I am super motivated to work out, and then I have days where I could careless if I work out. I want to lose about 50 more lbs but I just lose my motivation because I am showing no progress. I don't know what else to do...I know everyone says cardio cardio cardio...I have been doing cardio and still nothing...I do crunches everyday and I still don't really see a difference in my flabby tummy. I hate the way my body looks...I feel like I am doing everything...and nothing is changing.

I am still dieting as well as working out...but I am totally losing motivation to even try any longer. I just looked into the special K diet and I think I might try that for a month and see how that goes plus exercising. I have started running today! I hope it helps kick me in gear.

I haven't given up on P()X but I haven't done it in almost a week...I have no motivation to put the DVD in. That sounds terrible doesn't it? I hate that I was so motivated to get started, and I felt great when I was doing it but now I don't even care to do it at all! It sucks...I need a work out buddy!!!


  1. Girl, I know how you feel. Make sure there's nothing wrong with your thyroid, that's what kept me from losing weight and I ran and did elliptical trainings and treadmills almost everyday. I also know from experience(probably the only good thing that came from high school, lol) that swimming can help you lose weight. For real. I wish we had the money for me to get a membership to the Lowery center cause I'd swim with you girl. I LOVE swimming.

    Hey, just remember I've been there. It sucks so bad. Things WILL look up. Don't give up, I know it's hard not to. But you're doing great! Keep it up, it will pay off in the end.

  2. hey mama! I am totally there with you on the lack of motivation...it is so hard for me to get up out of bed, I'd rather just sleep all day! The thing you have to remember though, is you may not see a huge difference right away..it takes time for your body to adjust and make a change. Dont give up, I feel you though on the need to see instant results, but you have to keep in mind you didnt put the weight on in a week, it wont fall off in a week! Come one, lets get back into this!

    Also, as the person who commented, you should get your thyroid checked, just to be on the safe side! Good luck to you!

  3. Just want to say that P90x definately seems to be helping me. Weight loss could be better but clothing fitting a lot better. I'm losing inches and building some muscle. I agree thought that the motivation and time commitment is very hard to come by.


  4. I am about to start P90x as well, My baby is 3 months. Let see if i can hang :)I would try something called EverSLIM, Its suppose to be natural. My husband was on it and he lost weight pretty quickly.